Coming Detractions

We’re working on stories about:

  • The Carson Inn [Thorntown]
  • Amoco/Standard Oil [Statewide]
  • Jim Jones and the People’s Temple [Indianapolis]
  • The Canal system [Statewide]
  • Thunder Island [Westfield]
  • LS Ayres [Statewide]
  • Nike Missile Silos [Northwest Indiana]
  • National Homes [Lafayette]
If you have any interesting stories or tempting pictures to share on these or any other topic, contact us.

  1. You’ve likely already answered this years ago but I’m very disorganized so . . . You’re interested in still extant nike bases, not temporary ones which left no physical trace & apparently not a single photo, correct? and in canals which were actually built, not ones planned but leaving no physical evidence, right?

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Premier Privation

OJ Simpson. Shoes. Mark Spitz. Bridge Tournaments. North Webster. What do these things have in common? Why the amazing, curious, and somewhat disturbing history of the fabulous International Palace of Sports.

In Grave Condition

Crown Hill in Indianapolis is the third largest public cemetery in the United States. Opened June 1, 1864 for a young mother named Lucy Seaton who died of “consumption”, it is now the permanent home of over 185,000 people. Let’s take a whistling walk through the catalog of Lost Indiana people there and in other cemeteries throughout the state.

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